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This is my playground.

We deserve it

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We hurt each other so much. We lost ourselves. We forgot who we are and what we truly want in life. We forgot how precious life is. We forgot how we should live in the moment while looking in the same direction: the future. Our future. Living in the past? Dreaming of the future without building it in the present? Yes, we made all those mistakes.

You forgot that you live outside of me too. You forgot that we both have personal goals to achieve. You forgot you have the right to do things without me. I tried to make…

Because it has a lot more potential than you think

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The missionary position is often considered as the only sexual position that you should do when you’re a pure woman that is only having sex to procreate or to satisfy your husband. Some are more evolved, but they still think that it’s a boring position. But what if I told you that missionary can be really, really dirty? And far from being boring?

If you’re a cave(wo)man, if you think that missionary is boring, or if you know its potential but you’re hoping to find a piece of information you don’t have… Here are 5 things about the missionary position…

An essay about respect

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Almost everyone wants to be a good person. Why? Well, I don’t know, maybe because being a bad person is… bad. And being a good person is… good? Yeah, that definitely makes sense. But some people don’t know how to be good. They think that you’re born good or bad, or that it’s just too complicated to be good. Well, it is, but it’s at the same time really simple.

What are you talking about? It doesn’t make sense!

Oh, no, it does make sense. It’s easy to be a good person in theory. But it’s impossible to always be…

What the hell do you want from me?

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One day you tell me it’s over

The other you seem to have hope.

One day you tell me you barely think about me

The other you tell me you cry every day.

One day you ask me not to ignore you

The other you barely reply to my texts.

You seem worried that I block you and get over you

But you don’t seem to want me anymore.

What the hell do you want from me?

Do you want me to love you forever

While you fell in love with someone else?

Do you want me to adore every…

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The day humans realize what waiting truly means, the day they stop seeing waiting as being on hold, they’ll be happy. Because they will finally live their life. They will finally start living in the present while still building their future. They will be who they truly are and they will stay on the road to who they want to be. They will learn patience, but also dedication. They will become stronger. They will become better. They will become amazing.

Will you wait for me, love?

Will you hold on?

Will you still love me when I return?

But don’t…

Just to write. And nothing else.

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I feel the urge to write, like… Right now. I don’t have any ideas. I have nothing important to offer you or to teach you. I have nothing that will help you open your eyes to any problem you might have right now.

But I feel the urge to write. My fingertips need it. I need it. And I want you to follow me on this “adventure”. Why? If you’re here, it’s probably because you want to become a writer, as most people here do. And you probably feel the urge, right now, to write. But you’re scared, or lazy…

There’s no way to stop us


We are people who genuinely love. We are people who genuinely respect. We are the ones being hurt. We are the ones being oppressed. We are the one witnessing this oppression.

We are the ones who want to act. We are the ones who don’t want to see this world rotten even more.

We believe that everyone is equal. We believe this world can be right. We believe we don’t need to hate others to live happily. We believe we don’t need to feel superior to others to live happily. …

And becoming some sort of “refugee”

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I’ve just read Dr Mehmet Yildiz’s article about the topic. And… Waw. Medium just slapped me in the face. For those, like me a few minutes ago, who don’t know what’s happening, Medium changed its term of services (changes that will be effective on September 1), and… They came up with that:

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, by submitting, posting, or displaying content on or through the Services, you grant Medium a nonexclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, fully paid, and sublicensable license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, publicly perform and display your content and any…

4 fears that prevent you from achieving success

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“Who is this person who made all these choices that I just have to live with? I look back at that person and I hate her, I hate her so much for what she did to me, that person is like my nemesis, my worst enemy, but the problem is, that person is me” — Kristen Roupenian, You Know You Want This

Humans are the bests when it comes to self-sabotaging and being toxic. Because it’s the easiest choice. Because it’s comfortable to just stay where we are, without evolving, even though we dream about it. We want to be…

Third full-month on Medium

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Hocus Pocus, you’re way too curious. But don’t worry, I’m here to give you the content you need to satisfy your overwhelming sense of curiosity.

How Much I earned

I usually have a $20 goal to achieve every month, but this time I decided that I didn’t care anymore. I also didn’t write every day, I probably missed 5–6 days. And, of course, I didn’t achieve the goal.

I earned:


If you read me often, you know I write an article about how much I earned every month. And, if you’re like me (so if you remember a lot of useless details), you know…

Maïa Belart

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